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Staff Centre has started medical seminars for seafarers

18 May 2018

To meet the increasing demands of mandatory safety training, we set up the series of maritime medical training sessions. The seminars feature presentations on several key first medical aid topics in the industry and cover topics, such as the top health concerns at sea, mental well-being of seafarers, diet and nutrition on board, including case studies in both physical and mental health. The focus is on innovative long-term improvement on seafarers' physical and mental well-being.

Staff Centre Training is committed to the continuous reviewing of the health challenges faced by seafarers and encouraging the collaborative efforts to improve the health and well-being of seafarers. These seminars aim to achieve the following:

  • To explain the organization of first medical aid on ships;
  • To highlight health issues resulting from accidents on board;
  • To prepare proper response measures to an emergency on board;
  • To familiarize with medical equipment on board, and understand its use in medical emergencies;
  • To know the different methods of diagnostics, prevention and treatment of medical diseases on board.

The seminars are conducted by well-qualified instructors with long-standing experience in the relevant areas of expertise.