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Launching of Training Seminars

04 May 2018

The biggest challenge is a poor quality of crew training, lack of experience and crews not adhering to the principles of safety.

Extensive experience enables crews to predict, recognize and prevent hazardous situations. From our extensive experience we have learned that the most effective measures are those which involve our close cooperation with our seafarers.

Sharing best practice information and case studies in a concise and relevant way will interest and engage with today’s seafarer. Staff Centre Shipmanagement jointly with Staff Centre Training is running a number of seminars and training sessions for seafarers.

The benefits of our maritime training are:

  • Boost safety and minimize accidents;
  • Enhance critical thinking and problems solving;
  • Ensure effective communication and collaboration;
  • Expand creativity and innovation.

For the timetable and topics of the seminars and trainings, please follow the FB .