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Heatech - Energy Efficiency Management

26 Nov 2021

Marine heat engineering software system used for monitoring and improving energy efficiency, technical and operational performance of the fleet.

The system consists of three modules:

Ship module: used for daily monitoring crucial technical and operational parameters of the vessel, such as information on the operating modes of main and auxiliary engines, data on weather conditions, bunkerings, operation in compliance with charter requirements, monitoring levels and consumption of fuel, oil, fuel treatment additives. Enforces input validation and provides tools to check the data accuracy and integrity, with additional weekly data review. Synchronization with office servers is available even for unreliable, periodically connected environments. The data protection layer ensures all communication is performed only in encrypted form.

Office module: used to control all operational aspects of the fleet, allows verification and approval of ship reports by technical superintendents and serves the primary purpose of prompt response based on the analysis of the data received. The vessel data is protected against any alterations in the office. If any modification is required, corrections could be made only by authorized users onboard.

Analytics module: provides monitoring tools and visualization of gathered data. When any significant deviations are detected, it raises warnings for superintendents, leading to timely response, immediate preventive or corrective actions. Helps in planning bunkering and scheduled repairs, generating reports for shipowners.

This software system was developed by Softo taking into account the best practices of Staff Centre Shipmanagement Ltd, decades of expertise of the leading marine technical management experts, and under the scientific direction and supervision of the Doctor of Technical Science Yurii Dovidenko. It is successfully used for monitoring and managing the energy efficiency and technical performance of large-capacity bulk carriers.