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Grain Loading at New Orleans

28 Jul 2020

The Mississippi River system is a critical artery in U.S. grain marketing. However, grain cargoes shipped from the United States are a heavily regulated commodity and the ship shall pass two independent inspections before loading.

The first inspection is controlled by the United States Department of Agriculture in order to ensure cleanliness. Upon completion of such inspection a Clean Hold Certificate is issued stating that holds were examined and found to be substantially clean, dry, free of insect infestation and suitable to maintain the quality of the grain.

The second inspection is arranged by the National Cargo Bureau with aim to determine that the ship construction is suitable for the carriage of grain in order to minimize the effect of grain shifts. After all verifications the inspector issues another Certificate of Readiness declaring that the stability of the vessel is sufficient for the intended cargo.

Right after successful completion of both inspections, m/v ANARITA was loaded with grains by two floating cranes at 9 Mile Anchorage.