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"High Performance Company" rating under Paris MOU

25 Jul 2016

Since the moment when New Inspection Regime (NIR) of the Paris MoU on
Port State Control entered into force on 1 January 2011 for all 27 member
states, our Company has initiated campaign targeting the improvement
of a risk profile for each managed ship as well as increase the Company's
performance level in general.

As result of this campaign, we are pleased to inform that since 20th of June, 2016
Staff Centre Shipmanagement Ltd. was awarded by "High Performance Company"
rating in Paris MOU of Port State Control and each of managed vessels is classified
since this moment as "Low Risk Vessel".

Main benefits of this rating, such as increasing of PSC inspection intervals from
10-12 month for Standard Risk Vessels (or even 5-6 month for High Risk
Vessels) to 24-36 month for Low Risk Vessels (except ships over 12 years old).

Company Rating and Ship's Risk profile is valid for current moment only (similar
to RightShip star rating) and could be reduced at any moment subject to negative
PSC inspection results of any managed vessel as well as are affected by Overriding
and Unexpected factors.